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Android App of the Month - Area Code Locator

We have just published Area Code Locator on the Android Market. Screenshots are shown on the left.

Where did that call come from? Area Code Locator shows the location for any valid area code entered.

Area Code Locator Features:

  • Displays country, state / province, and cities for the area code.
  • The UI is simple, clear, obvious. Response is instantaneous.
  • NO external communication is required. NO mobile usage is involved: The SQLite area code database is internal to this application.
  • Our area code database is kept up-to-date and accurate by a process of ongoing research and crosschecking among all of the major area code players, including: ATT, Verizon, NANPA (North American Numbering Plan Administration) and CNA (Canadian Numbering Administrator).
  • Covers the United States and Canada, along with U.S. territories and some Caribbean countries.

Area Code Locator is available for only 99 cents on the Android Market. We hope you'll give it a try and put it to good use. Meanwhile, we'll be working on our next Android app, due out soon. We'll be posting progress reports on our Projects page.

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